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Snapshot of a Digital Voice Recorder

While a surprising number of today’s professionals continue to rely on cassette tape based dictation and transcription, a large majority of have successfully made the transition to a digital dictation and transcription workflow solution. Philips, a leader in the manufacturing and advancement of digital voice recorders, has made this transition a very seamless process for most. From the solo attorney to national healthcare organizations with 1000’s healthcare practitioners, all have improved their workflow and ease of use by utilizing digital dictation products from Philips.

Philips Recorders

The best of breed from Philips in the handheld digital voice recorder category is the Philips Digital Pocket Memo LFH9600. The recorder has a robust metal casing that is quite durable and enhances the overall life and durability. For professionals such as physicians, lawyers, judicial officials, public safety and insurance adjusters who dictate frequently, the slide switch greatly enhances the operation time and facilitates easy one handed operation. This digital voice recorder from Philips is also very comfortable in the hand and fatigue from repetitive and lengthy use is reduced dramatically by its comfortable and ergonomic design. The 9600 digital voice recorder also has much to offer under the hood as well. The internal components are constructed from top of the line materials and the recorder is made in Austria where great pride is taken with attention to detail and quality of workmanship. The Philips 9600 also has the largest LCD screen a of any digital voice recorder so that reading the settings and other pertinent information is quick and easy.

A primary difference between cassette dictation and digital dictation is how the recording is created. With cassette dictation it is a physical realignment of ferrous material which is embedded in a polyvinyl stip. With digital dictation, the recording is converted to zeros and ones thus creating a file that software and computers can read and translate.  Since the recording created by the 9600 is a file, it can be encrypted so that the play back can only be done by authorized persons who have the appropriate password and authorization. This security feature is paramount in the world of patient and client confidentiality laws and ethics. Just imagine what would have happened if a reporter had obtained cassette tapes of Johnny Cochran’s briefs during or even after the OJ Simpson trial. The possible negative fallout would not even be a concern if digital dictation with encryption was used.

The Philips 9600 is sold as a turn key package which includes The Philips SpeechExec Pro software for easy file management and transfer, a docking station for transferring the recordings and recharging the batteries, all the necessary accessories such as memory card, leather carrying case and connection cables are included. The 9600 also integrates smoothly with the latest Philips SpeechExec Enterprise solution available from DTP Sales & Service.

Much more can be said for digital dictation and the products available today, probably up to and including a small book. However, for those professionals who have already embraced the technology to those who are still considering making the transition DTP Sales and Service is your best source for information, consultation and the latest products available from industry leaders such as Philips Speech Solutions. We will not only assist with making the right decision of what is best for you or your organization but also do so at a very affordable and competitive price.  At DTP Sales & Service, we strive to provide the very best dictation and transcription solutions that are the best fit for our clients.  If your organization uses dictation, transcription, or recording equipment in any way, we are your best source for the latest information products and support. We will be happy to assist you in making the right choice for your organization – large or small.  DTP can help you continue to utilize this technology or decide whether or not changing to digital dictation is a good fit for your company.  If digital dictation and transcription is a fit we are a leading provider of the latest digital solutions from industry leaders such as Philips Recorders, Olympus Recorders and Dictaphone. Let us help you make the right choice!

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